Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The beginning

I have dabbled with photography over the years but have not really learnt anything. I think I can compose a reasonable shot and know my way around the settings of a decent compact camera.
But now I want something more: I have a young daughter (who may feature on this blog now and again) and I’d like to be able to record her childhood with something more than just snaps.  I wanted a new camera, which had to fit certain criteria:
  • viewfinder
  • large sensor
  • good lens
  • smallish
  • fun to use
After much research I purchased a Fuji X-E1 which I hope will allow me to concentrate on taking the one photo and not several. I will follow a simple approach: get it right in the camera – with no further processing outside of what goes on inside the Fuji.

The inspiration for me starting this blog is Dave Powell's excellent site at http://shoottokyo.com/  check it out. Hopefully I’ll improve as the weeks unfold and I welcome any feedback or suggestions for a weekly theme.

The first photos will be posted during the first week of 2013 - hope to see you then.